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5th Cognitive and Affective Neurophysiology Summer School: Acquisition, processing, and analysis of EEG signal

The Laboratory of Neuropsychopsysiology is pleased to announce the 5th Cognitive and Affective Neurophysiology Summer School: Acquisition, processing and analysis of EEG signal. This summer school is focused on the […]... More>

For Teens, Learning That Personalities Change Buffers Against Stress

Learning that social and personality traits can change helps teens cope with social challenges, which can help mitigate stress and improve academic performance. ... More>

New Research From Psychological Science

A sample of new research exploring a computational approach to visual category representation and interactions between vagal tone and environmental context in predicting children's delay of gratification. ... More>

Deploying Technology to Revolutionize Science

In a cross-cutting theme program, "Advancing Psychological Science Through Technology," at the 2016 APS Annual Convention, leading researchers opened a window into the future role of technology in psychological science. ... More>

Successful Teams Get (Physiologically) in Sync

By measuring synchrony of facial muscles and skin conductance, researchers can predict whether a team will succeed or struggle. ... More>