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Abusive Supervision – Who’s to Blame?

Abusive supervision may often be the result, not the cause, of employee misbehavior, a new study suggests. ... More>

Thanks to Casey Kasem (and psychology), Here’s Why People Love Radio Countdowns

The Presumptuous Power Holder

Louis XIV, the vain French king who held the longest reign in European history, epitomized absolute monarchy. But his blind pursuit of power—highlighted by the four wars he waged —left […]... More>

A Stimulus/traits-organism-response (S/T-O-R) Model of Job Satisfaction

Over the years, situational and dispositional influences on job satisfaction has attracted much attention in the field of organizational behavior. Past research has yielded evidence that situational characteristics or environmental […] More>

Chris Argyris

Harvard University James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award Chris Argyris is one of the world’s most respected management thinkers. A behavioral scientist, he has devoted his career to understanding how organizations […]... More>