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Understanding ‘Chemobrain’

Many patients experience cognitive dysfunction during cancer treatment. Psychological research can help patients counter those effects. ... More>

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Tips for Reeling in Grants From Scientists Who Know

Lisa Feldman Barrett, Lisbeth Nielsen, Melissa W. Riddle, Emily Falk, Betty Turner, and Rebecca A. Ferrer share their wisdom about federal funding. ... More>

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Funding for Basic Psychological Science at the National Cancer Institute

Program directors Rebecca A. Ferrer, Paige Green-McDonald, and Mary O’Connell at the National Cancer Institute are eager to fund innovative basic psychological science. ... More>

Most Americans See Cancer as a Death Sentence

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The National Cancer Institute: A Hub for Psychological and Behavioral Sciences

Psychology and other behavioral sciences have long helped address important social issues. Health — specifically cancer — is no exception. Psychological research elucidates the way in which people make health […]... More>