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It was the best of times, the most indulgent of times

Psychological scientist Emily Bianchi wonders if a roll of the economic dice might influence on how narcissistic emerging adults ultimately become. ... More>

Hail to the Narcissist: POTUS and Personality

Looking back on all the U.S. presidents, certain ones clearly stand out as larger than life. Andrew Jackson, TR, LBJ—these were flamboyant and domineering men, and also great leaders. Some […]... More>

Narcissists’ Overconfidence May Hide Low Self-Esteem

Narcissists Make Horrible Bosses: Study

Back-to-school dilemma: Why do bullies bully?

When New Jersey kids return to school this week, the bullies among them may be in for a surprise. Playground aggression will no longer get them a mere slap on […]... More>