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Metaphors for Musical Pitch Vary, but the Basic Principles Are the Same

The metaphors we use to describe musical pitch aren’t just linguistic flourishes — visual cues have different effects on our perception of musical pitch depending on the metaphors we use. ... More>

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Is the Music of the 1960s Really the Best Ever?

Is the Music of the ’60s Really the Best Ever?

I had the good fortune to come of age during the richest musical epoch—well, ever. The Grateful Dead, the Beatles, Dylan, Janis Joplin, Zappa. I could go on and on. […]... More>

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Exploring Social Justice Through Music

The concept of social justice is taught in many college courses across numerous disciplines, including social work, political philosophy, education, and psychology. Finding ways of exploring social justice that are meaningful and engaging to students can present significant challenges for any instructor. ... More>