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Finding What Works for Those Who Work for Their Country

APS 24th Annual Convention speaker, Bradley Karlin, Director of the Psychotherapy Programs at Department of Veterans Affairs, helps insure that the treatment Veterans receive is based on sound psychological science. ... More>

A Postwar Picture of Resilience

Does The Military Make The Man Or Does The Man Make The Military?

“Be all you can be,” the Army tells potential recruits. The military promises personal reinvention. But does it deliver? A new study, which will be published in an upcoming issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, finds that personality does change a little after military service - German conscripts come out of the military less agreeable than their peers who chose civilian service.... More>

Convention Coverage

It’s In The Data: Openly Gay Service Won’t Harm The Military

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been repealed, but what role did research have in the military’s decision to let gay service members serve openly? In an invited symposium, a panel led by Air Force psychologist Howard N. Garb discussed the impact of psychological science on military policies concerning gay service members.... More>

Cheating the Lie Detector

In its war on terror, the U.S. government uses handheld lie detectors for fast screening of terrorism suspects. It has been shown that the pocket polygraphs have high error rates […]... More>