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Kristin Schneider

United States Department of Defense What does your research focus on? I conduct population-level longitudinal mental and behavioral health research studies for the United States Air Force. The focus […]... More>

Mental Health Care Needs an ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ Model

Observer Article

The Military as Microcosm

The United States military may be a unique institution, but it is also a microcosm of society as a whole — especially when it comes to health care. The treatment of soldiers, their families, and veterans can illustrate how large-scale organizations are able to increase the use of treatments that have been scientifically tested and validated when they provide behavioral health care. ... More>

Experts call for mental illness screening for children

Research Explores Markers of Depression From Childhood to Adulthood

Although several studies have followed the course of depression throughout the lifespan, the characteristics of depression at different developmental stages haven’t been clearly identified. New research published in Clinical Psychological Science presents a unique longitudinal investigation of depression across four critical developmental periods from childhood to adulthood. ... More>