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Testing and Spacing Both Aid Memory

Testing yourself is one of the most effective techniques for committing something to memory, but new research suggests that restudying might also be a useful strategy, especially if that restudying is spaced out in time. ... More>

New Research From Psychological Science

A sample of new research exploring retroactive interference in children's memory and imitation as an affiliation strategy in early childhood. ... More>

Satiated, Stuffed, and Spatially Impaired?

New research suggests that a few days of high-fat, high-sugar eating — say, Thanksgiving followed by a weeks’ worth of leftovers — may impair a specific cognitive function: spatial recognition. ... More>


Remembering Wendell E. Jeffrey

Psychological scientists celebrate the life of a mentor who worked at the forefront of research on infant perception and who had a remarkable knack for recognizing budding scholars’ potential. ... More>

The Unexpected Charm of Facebook Memories