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Perceptions of Crisis Situations

This proof-of-concept demonstration applied the Riverside Situational Q-sort (RSQ) to the problem of assessing audience responses to two types of crisis situations (sports and food safety) across three media outlets […] More>

Children’s Preexisting Symptoms Influence Their Reactions to Disaster Coverage on TV

After a natural disaster occurs, we often find ourselves glued to the TV, seeking out details about the extent of the damage and efforts at recovery. While research has shown that exposure to this kind of coverage is associated with symptoms of traumatic stress in youths, new research published in Psychological Science suggests that the relationship isn’t quite so simple. The new study finds that while the amount of exposure to disaster coverage matters, children’s preexisting symptoms of posttraumatic stress also play an important role. ... More>

Checking Facebook or Twitter is more tempting than sex or cigarettes, says study

Anxiety Disorders and Depression Conference

Anxiety and Depression: Technology and New Media in Practice and Research April 4-7, 2013 Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine (La Jolla, California) Contact: 240-485-1032 Website: ADAA hosts […]... More>

Sex, Drugs and Raising Kids