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Gender Equality Influences How People Choose Their Partners

Men and women clearly have different strategies for picking sexual partners, but the reason why differences exist is less clear. The classic explanation for these differences has been that men’s and women’s brains have evolved to make certain choices, but a new study forthcoming in Psychological Science suggests that evolution is only part of the answer. ... More>

What You Want In A Mate May Not Actually Be What You Want, Study Suggests

Too Many Choices? How Humans Cognitively Manage an Abundance of Mate Options

Can’t find the right guy or girl for Valentine’s Day? Research suggests you might be looking in the wrong place.... More>

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?


All we need is love. Can’t help fallin’ in love. Can you feel the love tonight? I will always love you. And so forth. Sure, it sells CDs (and books and flowers and movie tickets to cheesy romantic comedies), but really, what does love have to do with it?... More>

Breaking the Norm: Experiment Makes Men and Women Equally Picky When Selecting a Mate

When it comes to dating, are women really choosier than men? The abundance of research on this subject leads us to believe that they are, but a study forthcoming in […]... More>