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Dear Valentine, I Hate It When You …

21 Minutes to Marital Satisfaction

Marital satisfaction -- so critical to health and happiness -- generally declines over time. A brief writing intervention that helps spouses adopt a more objective outlook on marital conflict could be the answer. ... More>

There’s No Such Thing as Everlasting Love (According to Science)

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Passionate Love

If there’s one sentiment shared by all great artists, from Shakespeare to Beyoncé (not that we’re comparing the two), it’s this: Love is intense. Only in the last century have psychological scientists begun to regard passionate love as a viable research topic. ... More>

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What Implicit Processes Tell Us About Romantic Attachment

Understanding why people experience their romantic relationships differently and the consequences of these differences for various significant life outcomes, from relationship well-being to mental and physical health, has been a central focus driving our research in the Personality, Attachment, and Control Laboratory at Cornell University. ... More>