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Pet theraphy: gli animali domestici migliorano davvero la salute?

Are Pet Owners Really Happier or Healthier?

Avoir un animal de compagnie n’est pas si bon qu’on le pense pour la santé

Study questions if pets make owners healthier

Are Pet Owners Healthier and Happier? Maybe Not…

For many people, Fido and Fluffy are more than just pets, they’re true and equal members of the family. And it’s not hard to see why. Our pets greet us at the door after a long day of work, settle in our laps while we’re watching TV, or ‘sing’ along when we hum a tune. They provide companionship and even a sense of comfort. We like to believe that our pets are good for us, that they enrich our lives and make us happier, and messages in media and advertising reinforce these beliefs. But is there really a universal ‘pet effect’ on human mental and physical health? According to Harold Herzog, Professor of Psychology at the Western Carolina University , there simply isn’t strong evidence for the general claim that living with a pet makes for a happier, healthier or longer life.... More>