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“Who Owns Science?” Scientists From Diverse Perspectives Answer

Douglas L. Medin and distinguished speakers explore ways in which the nature of science may depend on who is doing it. ... More>

A Gesture of Authority: What’s the Point?

A Gesture of Authority: What’s the Point?

My very first classroom teacher had a long wooden pointer, and she wielded it like a weapon. At least that’s my gauzy recollection. Many of the lessons were written on […]... More>

Meta-Analysis Helps Psychologists Build Knowledge

When scientists want to know the answer to a question that’s been studied a great deal, they conduct something called a meta-analysis, pooling data from multiple studies to arrive at one combined answer. Some people think this creates a chilling effect, shutting off further inquiry. But the authors of a new paper published in Perspectives in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, write that meta-analysis actually helps scientific fields develop.... More>

Tal Yarkoni

University of Colorado at Boulder What does your research focus on? Most of my current research focuses on what you might call psychoinformatics: the application of information technology to […]... More>