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A Gesture of Authority: What’s the Point?

A Gesture of Authority: What’s the Point?

My very first classroom teacher had a long wooden pointer, and she wielded it like a weapon. At least that’s my gauzy recollection. Many of the lessons were written on […]... More>

Meta-Analysis Helps Psychologists Build Knowledge

When scientists want to know the answer to a question that’s been studied a great deal, they conduct something called a meta-analysis, pooling data from multiple studies to arrive at one combined answer. Some people think this creates a chilling effect, shutting off further inquiry. But the authors of a new paper published in Perspectives in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, write that meta-analysis actually helps scientific fields develop.... More>

Tal Yarkoni

University of Colorado at Boulder What does your research focus on? Most of my current research focuses on what you might call psychoinformatics: the application of information technology to […]... More>