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In His Own Words

Incoming Editor-in-chief Eric Eich shares his vision for Psychological Science.... More>

Smell of Success: Scents Affect Thoughts, Behaviors

Champions of Psychology

Champions of Psychological Science: Carol Tavris


Carol Tavris earned her PhD in social psychology at the University of Michigan. In her career as a writer and lecturer, she has sought to educate the public about the important contributions of psychological science and to explain how pseudoscience can lead us astray at best and, at worst, cause enormous personal and social harm. ... More>

Lack of Imagination in Older Adults Linked to Declining Memory

Most children are able to imagine their future selves as astronauts, politicians or even superheroes; however, many older adults find it difficult to recollect past events, let alone generate new […]... More>

Study: Discriminating Fact from Fiction in Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse

A decade or so ago, a spate of high profile legal cases arose in which people were accused, and often convicted, on the basis of  “recovered memories.” These memories, usually […]... More>