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Putting a Little Personality Into Social Psychology (and Vice-Versa)

A group of scientists have proposed an integrative framework for studying interactions between personality and social relationships. ... More>

Ed Diener

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign William James Fellow Award Nicknamed “Dr. Happiness,” Ed Diener is one of the leading pioneers in scientific research on happiness. He developed the Satisfaction […]... More>

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The Compassionate Mind

Humans seem to have an innate drive to help relieve the suffering of others. But scientific studies show that our compassionate feelings may help improve our own physical and psychological health. ... More>

Low on Self-Control? Surrounding Yourself With Strong-Willed Friends May Help

New research suggests that people with low self-control prefer and depend on people with high self-control, possibly as a way to make up for the skills they themselves lack. ... More>