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Three Teachers’ Treasured Technologies

Are these not the best of times for professing psychology? Gone are yesterday’s chalk, overheads, and VHS cassettes. Enter today’s PowerPoint animations, embedded video clips, and SMART Boards. ... More>

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Untangling the Web

The difficulties we graduate students face when conducting research include an over-reliance on the psychology research pool for participants; inability to access a unique population; and having little money to compensate participants. Internet technology offers new options for gaining access to participants ... More>

Dating sites remake the introductions

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Use Big Samples Online to Increase Replicability

Hostess Brands — makers of Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and other products — recently filed for bankruptcy. There are many complex reasons the company ran into trouble, but there is also an obvious one: If a company wants to deliver more bread to the shelf, it has to pay for more workers, equipment, supplies, shipping, and so on. Food businesses do not easily increase in scale. ... More>

Facebook ‘more addictive than sex’