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Meeting of the Minds: Creative Collaboration Highlights Psychology’s Role in SSRC

The Social Science Research Council champions cutting-edge interdisciplinary, international social science fields as they first emerge. The SSRC also brokers graduate and postdoctoral fellowships, funded by foundations or government agencies, […]... More>

Presidential Column

Becoming a Cumulative Science

In this space, I have been discussing urban legends in psychological science about our multiple roles within academic life. Assuming you are reading (and remembering) these Observer columns the way […]... More>

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Crossing Boundaries: The Growing Enterprise of Interdisciplinary Research

Anyone who followed this past election season — and, considering the voter turnout records, that’s pretty much everyone — no doubt grew familiar with, and likely a bit tired of, […]... More>

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A Multidisciplinary Manual

I agree that multidisciplinary research is likely to be part of the future of budding psychologists. However, the nature of the interdisciplinary activities portrayed in the recent article, “Crossing Boundaries” […]... More>

Student Notebook

Psychologists Without Borders: A Graduate Student Perspective on Interdisciplinary Research

Psychology is emerging as a hub in a new intellectual world without borders (Cacioppo, 2007). This development is exciting on many counts, as it promises innovative cross-fertilization of ideas across […]... More>