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From First Base to the National Medal of Science

National Medal of Science winner Gordon Bower sat down with APS President Walter Mischel for the annual “Inside the Psychologist’s Studio” event at the APS 21st Annual Convention. The two […]... More>

Inside the Psychologist’s Studio: Janet Taylor Spence

Inside The Psychologist’s Studio with Janet Taylor Spence Interviewed by Kay Deaux 22nd APS Annual Convention May 28, 2010 Boston, MA See more interviews with legends of psychological science here.... More>

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Inside the Psychologist’s Studio: Linda Bartoshuk


In a wide-ranging conversation, Linda Bartoshuk, renowned taste researcher now at the University of Florida, shared stories from her life and her rise to scientific prominence at the annual “Inside the Psychologist’s Studio” event at the APS 22nd Annual Convention. She was interviewed by social psychologist and author Carol Tavris. ... More>

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Inside the Nobel Laureate’s Studio: Daniel Kahneman Interviewed by Richard Thaler

It’s not often that one gets to see the founder of a field up close and personal. But that was the rare treat enjoyed by those fortunate enough to attend […]... More>