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After the Storms, A Different Opinion on Climate Change

Extreme weather may instill a greater belief that climate change is caused by human activity, and may boost support for politicians running on a "green" platform. ... More>

Anthony Greenwald

University of Washington William James Fellow Award A renowned expert on human cognition, social psychologist Anthony Greenwald’s work has led to the discovery and documentation of unconscious and automatic thought […]... More>

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Reflecting on a Lifetime of Achievement

As part of APS’s 25th Anniversary celebration, the Board of Directors is honoring 25 distinguished scientists who have had a profound impact on the field of psychological science over the past quarter century. ... More>

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What Implicit Processes Tell Us About Romantic Attachment

Understanding why people experience their romantic relationships differently and the consequences of these differences for various significant life outcomes, from relationship well-being to mental and physical health, has been a central focus driving our research in the Personality, Attachment, and Control Laboratory at Cornell University. ... More>

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Social Psychology Then and Now

Anthony Greenwald says that a 1966 interview with Gordon W. Allport illustrates what has changed and what has endured in personality and social psychology. ... More>