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APS Lab Profiles: Meet the Scientists!

APS profiles labs doing exemplary interdisciplinary research. Meet the scientists at George Mason University Arch Lab who bridge theory, experimentation, and application in the cognitive sciences. ... More>

A Neuroscientist Debunks the Myth of Musical Instinct

Behind the Music: Human Factors Rap

Students and faculty from George Mason University's Human Factors and Applied Cognition Arch Laboratory created a rap video to help explain what human factors is. APS sat down with Tyler Shaw, also known as the Human Factors Rapper. ... More>

Ergonomics & Human Factors

Ergonomics & Human Factors 2012 will be held April 16-19, 2012, Blackpool, UK. For more information visit: More>

You’re Just One in 7 Billion!

picture of many people; used for 7 billion pr

Did you take a deep breath before pushing and shoving your way into a crowded train this morning? Stepped on a few toes or nerves perhaps? Phew, well, if you thought dodging elbows and trying to hop on that crowded morning rush hour train was bad, try thinking about this – the world’s population recently hit 7 billion and in an already crowded planet, that poses quite a problem.... More>