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Hot hands and hoops: Irrational belief in the NBA

Professional basketball begins again next week, and dedicated fans will be happy to put last year’s labor disputes and lockout behind them. But many will also remember 2011-2012 as a […]... More>

Extremist politics: Debating the nuts & bolts

Starting next week and through October, President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney will face off in a series of four televised debates, designed to clarify the candidates’ positions on […]... More>

The Retirement Game

Retirement is an odd notion when you think of it, and a modern one in the scheme of human history. For our ancestors, the idea that you had earned enough […]... More>

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Inside the Mind of a Creationist

Texas governor and Presidential candidate Rick Perry is ambivalent about the “theory” of evolution. He says that it’s just a one theory that’s out there, on equal footing with creationism. […]... More>