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Resiliency May Come at a Physical Cost for Some Kids

Children living in poverty who appear to succeed socially may be failing biologically, according to a new study published in Psychological Science. ... More>

Buffering Stress with Optimism

Everything from traffic to tests can cause us to “freak out,” yet some people naturally handle stress better than others. Joëlle Jobin, 2012 APSSC Student Research Award winner, wanted to see if being an optimist or a pessimist could change the way stress affects individuals. ... More>

Kate Sweeny

University of California, Riverside What does your research focus on? I have two primary lines of research, both of which address the question of how people manage difficult life […]... More>


Social Experiences Affect Our Genes and Health

Prevailing wisdom suggests that our genes remain largely fixed over time. But, an emerging field of research is beginning to prove this intuition wrong. ... More>

Social Rejection Could Affect Body’s Immune System, Study Suggests