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Presidential Column

Universe of the Master’s

The growth area in graduate education is in master’s degrees. The number of master’s degrees awarded in the United States has increased 41 percent over the last 25 years, while […]... More>

Teaching Tips

Tips for the First-Time Graduate Student Instructor

Student-professor interaction can be challenging and confusing for first-time teachers. Inexperienced instructors must learn to set boundaries and maintain a professional tone in the classroom. ... More>

Teaching Tips

Managing the Large(r) Classroom

Behavior problems don’t just occur in elementary and high school classrooms — they are a concern in postsecondary classrooms, too. In large college classrooms, strategies such as greeting students, facilitating study groups, and planning regular breaks can combat inappropriate behavior. ... More>

Student Notebook

Making Contacts: The Best Student Souvenir From Convention

From the beginning to the very end of the 24th Annual APS Convention in Chicago, APSSC events provided opportunity after opportunity for burgeoning psychological scientists to make connections that will shape their career for the better. ... More>

14th Council on Undergraduate Research Conference

The 14th Council on Undergraduate Research Conference will be held June 23-26, 2012 at The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ. For more information visit: More>