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Psychological Memory Science and Legal Reforms

The prevalence of wrongful convictions because of faulty eyewitness testimony is becoming clear thanks to some high-profile cases involving exoneration by DNA. ... More>

New Research on Memory From Psychological Science

A sample of new and exciting research on memory from Psychological Science. ... More>

Study: False Memory Increases in Nonhabitual Consumers of Caffeine

The consumption of as little as 100 mg of caffeine elicits reliable changes in arousal and, in turn, false memories in individuals who do not habitually consume caffeine, according to a new study. ... More>

How Long Will a Lie Last? New Study Finds That False Memories Linger for Years

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Reality Monitoring

What is "reality"? As part of normal comprehension, people construct a model of the situation, drawing on general world knowledge about objects in the environment, people's intentions and actions, etc. In doing so, they run the risk of importing new information. ... More>