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First Impressions of Situations

APS has been a family affair for us over the years. When the girls were little, they would come along for the ride. Since 2009, though, they have been active […]... More>

Integrated Classroom: Mind-body Interactions

In previous decades, cognitive psychology has focused on the mind to the exclusion of the body. More recent research has begun to demonstrate the interaction between physical actions and mental […]... More>

Science Galore in the APS Exhibit Hall

At the APS Convention, 19 poster sessions in the APS Exhibit Hall will showcase attendees’ research. ... More>

What’s Location Got to Do With It?

Psychological scientists Snehlata Jaswal and Robert H. Logie conducted a series of experiments to study the importance of configural encoding in feature binding. ... More>

Yale Survey for Professionals and Practitioners Treating Psychiatric Disorders

Are you a professional or practitioner treating or researching mental disorders? If so, you are invited to participate in a survey by researchers at Yale University, who are trying to […]... More>