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Can daydreaming boost your creativity?

Psychologie: rêvasser stimule la créativité (daydreaming stimulates creativity)

Daydreaming Boosts Creativity, Study Suggests

More than Just ‘Zoning Out’ – Psychological Science Examines the Cognitive Processes Underlying Mind Wandering

It happens innocently enough: One minute you’re sitting at your desk, working on a report, and the next minute you’re thinking about how you probably need to do laundry and that you want to try the new restaurant down the street. Mind wandering is a frequent and common occurrence. And while mind wandering in certain situations – in class, for example – can be counterproductive, some research suggests that mind wandering isn’t necessarily a bad thing. ... More>

Speaking Two Languages Also Benefits Low-Income Children

Living in poverty is often accompanied by conditions that can negatively influence cognitive development. Is it possible that being bilingual might counteract these effects? ... More>