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Research During Feast and Famine

With a background in developmental psychology and a variable research budget, APS Fellow Albert R. Hollenbeck has helped AARP in a variety of diet and health studies — including a project that revealed coffee’s role in longevity. ... More>

No Extra Credit for Delivering on Promises

Under-promise and over-deliver, so the advice often goes. But going above and beyond what you promised may not boost your reputation in the office, researchers find. ... More>

The Perils of Performance Appraisals

In a recent study, a team of psychological scientists theorized that the way people react to negative work evaluations rests largely on their individual goal orientation. ... More>

Our Estimates of Food Value Run “Hot” and “Cold”

You’d probably pay more for a slice of pie before Thanksgiving dinner than afterwards, when you’re inevitably stuffed. Researchers explore how visceral states influence the value we place on food. ... More>

How to read minds like a wizard

Fans of the Harry Potter books will be familiar with the art of Legilimency. Legilimency is an advanced form of wizardry, the supernatural ability to coax thoughts and feelings and […]... More>