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Learning New Skills Keeps an Aging Mind Sharp

Older adults are encouraged to stay active to keep their minds sharp. But new research suggests that only demanding activities — such as learning photography — will benefit cognitive functioning. ... More>

Tip-of-the-Tongue Moments May be Benign

Despite the common fear that those annoying tip-of-the-tongue moments are signals of age-related memory decline, the two phenomena appear to be independent, according to new findings. ... More>

Some Parts of Memory Still Developing Deep Into Childhood

A new study shows that episodic memory — memory for not only what happened, but where and when it happened — undergoes substantial development even after the age of 7. ... More>

Aging photographs and cognitive quilts

I am a Baby Boomer and a child of the ‘60s, and for both those reasons I am keenly aware of my memory, and its failings. I’m not alone in […]... More>

Older Adults’ Memory Lapses Linked to Problems Processing Everyday Events

Some memory problems common to older adults may stem from an inability to segment daily life into discrete experiences, according to a new study published in Psychological Science. ... More>