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Social Experiences Affect Our Genes and Health

Prevailing wisdom suggests that our genes remain largely fixed over time. But, an emerging field of research is beginning to prove this intuition wrong. ... More>

A Thing or Two About Twins

Wendy Johnson

University of Edinburgh, UK What does your research focus on? My research explores how genetic and environmental influences transact to shape the way people move through their lives and […]... More>

Observer Article

Global Psychological Science at Its Best


Pursuing big questions in psychological science is an international effort. APS recently co-sponsored programs featuring cross-cutting research presentations by some of the most distinguished scientists in the field. ... More>

Presidential Column

Beyond Nature vs. Nurture: Philosophical Insights From Molecular Biology

The “new genetics” research in molecular biology, as this month’s invited Presidential Column by Frances Champagne illustrates, has important implications for psychological science (so important, in fact, that it will […]... More>