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Arguments in the Home Linked With Babies’ Brain Functioning

Being exposed to arguments between parents is associated with the way babies’ brains process emotional tone of voice, according to a new study. ... More>

New Research on Personality and Emotional Development From Psychological Science

A sample of exciting new research on personality and emotional development published in Psychological Science. ... More>

Speaking Multiple Languages Can Influence Children’s Emotional Development

On the classic TV show I Love Lucy, Ricky Ricardo was known for switching over to rapid-fire Spanish whenever he was upset, despite the fact Lucy had no idea what her Cuban husband was saying. These scenes were comedy gold, but they also provided a relatable portrayal of the linguistic phenomenon of code-switching. This kind of code-switching, or switching back and forth between different languages, happens all the time in multilingual environments, and often in emotional situations. In a new article in the July issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, psychological scientists Stephen Chen and Qing Zhou of the University of California, Berkeley and Morgan Kennedy of Bard College delve deeper into this linguistic phenomenon. ... More>

Does Technology Affect Happiness?

Society for Research in Child Development 2012 Meetings

The Society for Research in Child Development will be holding three themed meetings in Tampa, FL in 2012. Two will be held simultaneously February 2-11, and the third will be […]... More>