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Piercarlo Valdesolo

Claremont McKenna College What does your research focus on? I study the influence of discrete emotions on social and moral judgment, with a particular interest in the adaptive importance […]... More>

Ruchika Prakash

The Ohio State University What does your research focus on? I am involved in several lines of research, all of which are aimed at examining the effects of lifestyle […]... More>

Research Explores Links Between Physical and Emotional Pain Relief

New research explores the psychological mechanisms associated with relief that occurs after the removal of pain, also known as pain offset relief. ... More>

Feeling anxious? Think again.

Americans’ number one fear is public speaking, hands down. Pollsters have reported time and again that the average person dreads speaking more than disease or even death. These polls merely […]... More>

New Research on Emotion From Psychological Science

Read about the latest research on emotion from Psychological Science. ... More>