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Solving Music’s Mysteries

A symphony of psychological science featuring social and neurological insights into why people love music. ... More>

Rethinking Rage in the Middle East

Training people to think analytically in emotionally charged situations might turn them into cool-headed decision makers. ... More>

The Psychology of Whew!

Whew! Think back on a time when you uttered that word—or at least felt that feeling. It shouldn’t be hard, because it’s a very common experience. You’re probably recalling a […]... More>

Fleeing the Brain’s Fear Center

Scientific “facts” often take on a life of their own. Scientists make legitimate and exciting new discoveries, with the best tools available to them in their time, and these findings […]... More>

Greg Walton

Stanford University What does your research focus on? One of my main interests involves how the important contents of people’s selves — like their interests, motivations, and emotions — […]... More>