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The Origins of Positive-Constructive Daydreaming

The Unconscious Has a Mind of Its Own

Consciousness is a very popular topic in psychological science, but new research suggests that we’ve been underestimating what unconsciousness is capable of. A study published in Psychological Science shows that the unconscious mind is more intricate and sophisticated than we think.... More>

Psychologists Discover We’ve Been Underestimating the Unconscious Mind

What does consciousness do? Theories vary, but most neurologists and cognitive psychologists agree that we need awareness for integration. That is, unconscious processing can take in one object or word at a time. But when it comes to pulling together disparate stimuli into a coherent, complex scene, consciousness gets to work.... More>


The Psychological Science of Inception

For three weeks in a row, Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie Inception reigned at the top of the Box Office hit list. Sure, the special effects and imaginative landscapes are exciting, but did you know that the seemingly outlandish concept behind the storyline of Inception is really related to ideas that psychological scientists have been studying for years?... More>