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New Research From Psychological Science

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Psychologists link spatial perception to claustrophobic fear

Good Manners May Be a Pact to Reduce Physical Effort

More Reasons to Be Nice: It’s Less Work for Everyone

A polite act shows respect. But a new study of a common etiquette—holding a door for someone—suggests that courtesy may have a more practical, though unconscious, shared motivation: to reduce the work for those involved. The research, by Joseph P. Santamaria and David A. Rosenbaum of Pennsylvania State University, is the first to combine two fields of study ordinarily considered unrelated: altruism and motor control. It is to be published in a forthcoming issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.... More>

Border Bias: Mapping Risk and Safety

I once lived within a short walking distance of a state line, and I had a friend who lived right on the avenue that was the dividing line. That meant […]... More>