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Do We Care About Future Generations?

Reminders of Mortality Increase Concern for Environmental Legacy

When we turn on the A/C in the summer, our first thought is probably one of relief. If it’s 100 degrees in the shade, we’re probably not thinking about how our decision might influence the environmental legacy we leave for future generations. It’s not that we don’t care, it’s just that we typically don’t think about our behavior in terms of long-term, inter-generational tradeoffs. But new research suggests that reminders of our own mortality may encourage us to keep future generations in mind as we make decisions. ... More>

Legacy in Mind: Why Bother Saving the Planet?

It’s supposed to hit 97 degrees this week in Washington, DC, my home town. My plan is to stay indoors and crank up the AC, for as long as the […]... More>

UA study: Divorce can raise risk of early death

Thinking About Mortality Changes How We Act