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The Perils of Being the Decider

Making business judgments, like forecasting the weather, always entails an element of uncertainty. Sound decision-making about when to spend capital – or, analogously, when to prepare for an incoming storm […]... More>

Academic Observer

Journal Impact Factors

Henry L. Roediger, III, chair of APS's Publications Committee, says Impact Factors are a flawed measure in academic publishing. ... More>

Teaching Current Directions

Teaching Current Directions in Psychological Science

C. Nathan DeWall and David G. Myers discuss teaching students about the Identification With All Humanity Scale and the upside of being down. ... More>

Presidential Column

Subdisciplines in Their Interactions

Consider the following: Most psychologists read only journals in their sub-specialty of psychology; Psychologists are employed in many departments on university campuses, not just psychology departments; Most psychologists attend psychology […]... More>

Presidential Column

Let Me Introduce You…

It’s a new school year and at campuses all across the country, record numbers of students are taking psychology courses. And most of them are taking introductory psychology. By far […]... More>