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Buying Behavior Can Be Swayed by Cultural Mindset

People with collectivist mindsets tend to value the relationships between items more than the particular items themselves. Those with individualistic mindsets seem to do just the opposite. ... More>

Does Our Innate Ability to Estimate Numbers Benefit From Education?

Researchers investigate whether improvements in approximate number system ability come naturally with age or whether they are the result of formal education. ... More>

Metaphors for Musical Pitch Vary, but the Basic Principles Are the Same

The metaphors we use to describe musical pitch aren’t just linguistic flourishes — visual cues have different effects on our perception of musical pitch depending on the metaphors we use. ... More>

Cristine Legare

Director of the Cognition, Culture, and Development Lab The University of Texas at Austin What does your research focus on? My work reflects my commitment to interdisciplinary approaches to […]... More>

Too Big, Too Small? Optimal Circle Of Friends Depends On Socioeconomic Conditions, Goldilocks