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Police photo lineups challenged after series of wrongful convictions

Unintentional Biases in the Courtroom: Is Time a Factor?

My name is Alyna Ohanmamooreni from Florida State University and I presented my research at the APS 23rd Annual Convention in Washington, DC.... More>

Law and Disorder: The Psychology of False Confessions

At 9:45 PM on November 10, 1984, 16-year-old Theresa Fusco finished up her shift at the roller skating rink in the Long Island village of Lynbrook. She never made it […]... More>

Aaron Kay

Duke University, USA What does your research focus on? My research focuses on the relation between motivation, implicit social cognition, and broad societal issues. I have a particular interest […]... More>

Remembering William P. Banks

William P. Banks is remembered as a great mentor and scientist. ... More>