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A New Era for Basic Behavioral Research at NIH

A sustained effort launched by the Association for Psychological Science (APS) has resulted in an unprecedented boost for basic behavioral science at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) in […]... More>

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The Role of Emotional Literacy in Public Health

Lisa Feldman Barrett (left) and John B. Jammott III (second from left) testify on research relating to health policy. APS Fellow Lisa Feldman Barrett recently testified on Capitol Hill about […]... More>

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Basic Behavioral Research in Flux at NIH

Basic behavioral research — which in the case of health means the study of fundamental psychological and social processes not aimed at a specific illness or condition — may be […]... More>

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NIH Research Under Scrutiny

Research funded by the National Institutes of Health that focuses on sexual behavior and HIV has come under fire recently by critics, and Congress is involved in the controversy as […]... More>

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Senators Support Behavioral Research at NIGMS

When NIH’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences was created in 1962, Congress specifically mandated the institute to support basic behavioral science. Forty years later, the Institute commits no funds […]... More>