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Why Does That Conductor Look So Creepy?

Several movies have tried and failed to generate lifelike animations of humans. The voices, appearances and behavior of humans are being replicated by animators and robotics engineers, but this replication is not always a success. "The uncanny" is an experience that seems familiar yet foreign at the same time, causing some sort of brain confusion and, ultimately, a feeling of fear or repulsion.... More>

What scientists are doing about creepy CGI humans

Loving the iPhone? Thank Steve Jobs and Human-Computer Interactions

The late Steve Jobs is considered the Thomas Edison of our time. His innovations revolutionized the way we live our lives and interact with others. The need for a human element in these electronics has led to new, multidisciplinary areas of psychological research such as the field of human-computer interaction (HCI).... More>

‘Evil Scientist’ Wants To Teach People To Do Good


Cattell Sabbatical Awardees Announced

Douglas L. Medin and Alison Gopnik have been awarded this year’s James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowships. These awards provide an extended sabbatical period that allows the recipient to pursue new research. They are available to North American university faculty members committed to the scientific study of human behavior and its applications for improving human welfare.... More>