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Bosses Spend More Personal Time on Social Media Than Subordinates

A Norwegian study shows that managers and executives spend more time using social media during office hours than do their subordinates. ... More>

Language, Mind, and Human Nature

Hailed as one of the world’s most influential people, experimental psychologist Steven Pinker’s interests span all aspects of language, mind, and human nature. In his classic book The Language Instinct, […]... More>

Use of Gestures Reflects Language Instinct in Young Children

When young children use gestures to communicate specific concepts, their gestures segment information and reorganize it into language-like sequences, new research shows. ... More>

Let’s Skype! Video Chat Use Among Infants and Toddlers

Elisabeth McClure, Georgetown University, present her research on "Let's Skype! Video Chat Use Among Infants and Toddlers" at the 2014 APS Annual Convention. ... More>

‘Self Talk’: When Talking to Yourself, the Way You Do It Makes a Difference