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Experts: Conflicting eyewitness accounts aren’t surprising

From the Oval Office to Obscurity

Having been a US president doesn't guarantee you a permanent spot in collective memory, according to new research from APS Past President Henry L. Roediger, III and K. Andrew DeSoto. ... More>

New Research From Psychological Science

A sample of new research exploring body movement and neural representation of rhythm, processing distractors among older and younger adults, and inhibition-induced forgetting. ... More>

Evidence for ‘Bilingual Advantage’ May Be Less Conclusive Than Previously Thought

Study results challenging the cognitive advantages of bilingualism are less likely to be published than results supporting the link, suggesting that the literature may reflect a "file drawer" effect. ... More>

APS Past President McGaugh Wins Grawemeyer Award

James McGaugh, one of APS’s first presidents, has won the prestigious 2015 Grawemeyer Award in Psychology, in recognition of his seminal research on the link between emotions and memory. ... More>