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Far From Being Harmless, the Effects of Bullying Last Long Into Adulthood

A new study shows that serious illness, struggling to hold a job, and poor social relationships are some of the adverse outcomes faced by those exposed to bullying in childhood. ... More>

Judy S. DeLoache

University of Virginia (retired) William James Fellow Award Judy S. DeLoache is a leading expert on children’s behavior, and is renowned for developing the dual representation theory of symbolic development. […]... More>

Christin M. Ogle

Duke University What does your research focus on? The focus of my research is on developmental factors that influence memory for traumatic life events and trauma-related psychopathology. What drew you […]... More>

Ecco come aumentare il Qi dei bambini (Increasing Children’s IQ)

Diet, Parental Behavior, and Preschool Can Boost Children’s IQ

Supplementing children’s diets with fish oil, enrolling them in quality preschool, and engaging them in interactive reading all turn out to be effective ways to raise a young child’s intelligence, according to a new report published in Perspectives on Psychological Science. ... More>