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How to Design an Effective Plea for Donations

Bonuses More Satisfying When Spent on Others, Study Suggests

Research suggests that encouraging employees to give their end-of-the-year cash bonuses to others is a better morale booster than simply giving them cash to spend on themselves. ... More>

Oh, the humanity. Putting faces on social causes.

Back in the 1940s, the U.S. Forest Service began a public service campaign aimed at preventing forest fires. It featured Smokey Bear, a humanized caricature of a bear wearing blue […]... More>

Cognitive Earthquake: Who’s Really in Need?

A Cognitive Earthquake: Who’s Really In Need?

In January 2000, an earthquake shook China’s mountainous Yunnan province. It was a moderate earthquake and killed only seven, but it leveled more than 40,000 homes and injured thousands of […]... More>