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Much Ado About Francis Galton

My respected APS fellow member, Geoffrey Miller, takes strong exception to a recent Presidential Column, a footnote where I suggest that Galton’s composite photograph technique is not one of psychology’s success stories. ... More>


Bjork, Nosofsky Recognized with Awards

In an award ceremony at Rice University, two notable APS members accepted the most prestigious awards given by the Society of Experimental Psychologists. APS Past-President Robert A. Bjork received the Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award, and APS Fellow Robert M. Nosofsky was awarded the Howard Crosby Warren Medal. ... More>

New Research on Cognition from Psychological Science

A sample of exciting new research exploring cognitive processes involved in learning, categorization, theory of mind, and cognitive control recently published in APS journals. ... More>

Because You Said So?

Yanchao Bi

Beijing Normal University, China What does your research focus on? My current research focuses on the functional and neural architecture of concepts — the meaning of words, pictures, and […]... More>