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Ellen M. Markman

Stanford University William James Fellow Award Ellen Markman’s work has covered a range of issues in cognitive development. She conducted some of the pioneering research on the development of comprehension […]... More>

Douglas L. Medin

Northwestern University William James Fellow Award Best known for his research on concepts and categorization, Doug Medin studies how our ideas of the natural world develop, examining biological thought from […]... More>

Letter/Observer Forum

Much Ado About Francis Galton

My respected APS fellow member, Geoffrey Miller, takes strong exception to a recent Presidential Column, a footnote where I suggest that Galton’s composite photograph technique is not one of psychology’s success stories. ... More>


Bjork, Nosofsky Recognized with Awards

In an award ceremony at Rice University, two notable APS members accepted the most prestigious awards given by the Society of Experimental Psychologists. APS Past-President Robert A. Bjork received the Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award, and APS Fellow Robert M. Nosofsky was awarded the Howard Crosby Warren Medal. ... More>

New Research on Cognition from Psychological Science

A sample of exciting new research exploring cognitive processes involved in learning, categorization, theory of mind, and cognitive control recently published in APS journals. ... More>