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A Captive African Elephant Calf Exhibits Precocious Social Relationships

Laura E. Beer and Nicole M. Lyons, Butler University, presented their research on “A Captive African Elephant Calf Exhibits Precocious Social Relationships” at the 2014 APS Annual Convention. ... More>

Researchers: Nothing Special About Einstein’s Brain

Minimizing Belief in Free Will May Lessen Support for Criminal Punishment

Exposure to information that diminishes will, including brain-based accounts of behavior, seems to decrease people’s support for retributive punishment. ... More>

New Research From Clinical Psychological Science

A sample of new research exploring negative self-beliefs in eating disorders, prefrontal activity and self-control in smokers, culture and memory in PTSD, and cognitive mechanisms underlying rumination. ... More>

Relationship Satisfaction Linked with Changing Use of Contraception

Research indicates that women’s sexual satisfaction in long-term heterosexual relationships may be influenced by changes in hormonal contraceptive use. ... More>