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Mapping Mindsets

Integrating personality psychology, genetics, and neuroscience, researchers are exploring how cultural values and practices become enmeshed in each individual’s brain activity. ... More>

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The Next 25 Years

A new generation of psychological researchers sees science increasingly moving out of the lab and into real-world platforms. ... More>

The Nature of Empathy and Compassion

Tania Singer is recognized as a world expert on empathy and compassion, and takes an interdisciplinary approach to study social and moral emotions such as fairness, envy, compassion, and revenge.  […]... More>


Robert W. Levenson on Unraveling Emotional Mysteries

APS Past President Robert Levenson will speak at the 26th APS Annual Convention. ... More>

Under Stress, We Ignore the Negative Possibilities

When they're under pressure, people making difficult decisions tend to give more weight to the upsides than to the potential risks, studies show. ... More>