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Goalkeepers ‘dive right on high pressure penos’

Rooney take note! Goalies dive to the RIGHT in penalty shootouts if their team is behind

World Cup Shootout Goalkeepers Favor Right If Team Is Behind, Study Finds

Goalies Tend to Dive Right in World Cup Penalty Shoot-Outs When Their Team is Behind…Why?

In the quarterfinal of the 2006 Soccer World Cup, England and Portugal played for 90 tense minutes and 30 minutes extra time without a single goal being scored. This led them to a penalty shoot-out; as one by one, players went against the opposing team's goalie. After four shots by each team, Portugal was ahead 2-1. Portugal’s star Cristiano Ronaldo shot to English goalkeeper Paul Robinson's left, but Robinson dove right. Portugal scored, won the game, and went on to the semifinal.... More>

Solstice Psychology: How We ‘See’ Nature

Imagine that you arrive by bus at a vacation spot you’ve never been to before. You get out and look around. What do you notice at first glance? Well, you […]... More>