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Kahneman Honored With Presidential Medal of Freedom

Nobel Laureate and APS Fellow Daniel Kahneman, a pioneer in the field of behavioral economics, will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. ... More>

A Seat at the Table

Practically every challenge facing modern society is fueled in part by entrenched behaviors that science can help understand and perhaps change. The federal government is creating a team that will give a broader set of behavioral scientists a seat at the table in policymaking. ... More>

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Teaching With a Nobel-Prize Winner

I’ve had my share of rewarding classroom experiences, but the one I’ve enjoyed most has been the privilege of team-teaching a course with Nobel prize-winning physicist Ivar Giaever. The course […]... More>

When paying more stops paying off

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Financial Decision Making and the Aging Brain

Many of the most influential financial decision makers in our society from business to politics happen to be middle-aged. The average age of Fortune 500 chief executive officers and chief financial officers is around the mid-fifties. Historically, the average appointment age of Federal Reserve Chairs and National Economic Council Directors is also in the fifties. ... More>