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Want to Remember Your Museum Visit? Don’t Take Pictures

No Pictures, Please: Taking Photos May Impede Memory of Museum Tour

While taking a picture might seem like a good way to preserve memories, new research suggests that museum-goers may want to put their cameras down to improve recall. ... More>

A New Look at Perception (Thank you, El Greco)

El Greco was one of the greatest artists of the Spanish Renaissance, and also one of its most idiosyncratic. His contemporaries were puzzled by his fantastic use of color, and […]... More>

Anne Goldberg Dances Her PhD

If you’re a PhD student with mad dancing skills, Science and TEDxBrussels have the contest for you. Dance Your PhD is again offering $1,000 for the best video. This example […]... More>

The Creation of Picasso’s ‘La Plage à La Garoupe’: A Case Study

We are Kuba Glazek and Amanda Holevinski from Temple University, and we presented our research at the APS 23rd Annual Convention in Washington, DC. In this study, a quantitative analysis […]... More>